How Can We Use Core Values to Help Us Live A Mindful Life?

Every human being has values - they are a part of us and rooted deeply in our genetic makeup. Values are completely unique as each individual is.  They can be our very own internal thumbprint. Letting us determine what is important in life and what we as individuals find meaningful. These values define who you are within, not who you think you should be. Working as a compass that points you towards your north.

How Values Can Help You Lead a Mindful Life

Your life is made of days, these days consist of moments, which are made on decisions. The closer you pay attention to your decisions while focusing on the bigger picture. Keeping what matters in view, you can create a life that you want for yourself.

Yes, easier said than done, but it's easy to lose track of the bigger picture when you focus on every aspect of your day. However, when you transform your mind to set your life in a way that compliments your core values. Only then can you rely on your inner compass to deal with every decision you make. In simple words, your core values can help you achieve a mindful state of mind.

How to Identify Core Values & How to Live in Accordance with Them

To live in accordance with your core values, you must identify your core values. Only when you identify your core values, will you be able to enjoy the benefits listed below:

  • Stay on Track - When you start to define and document your values, you can easily identify yourself. Additionally, it helps you see yourself and determine how you act on a daily basis.
  • Simplify Decision Making - When you are faced with multiple options, there is a good chance you stand with a blank mind. However, when you know your core values you can make decisions based on your core values.
  • Prevent Mistakes - Building anything in life such as good health takes a great deal of patience and discipline. However, one toxic mistake can bring it all down. In such a situation you can take help from your core values and avoid toxic behavior and decisions that ruin your life.
  • Create Meaningful Life - Facing discomforting situations and making difficult decisions is a part of your life. However, when you have your core values in view - you can easily look through these issues and focus on the bigger picture. Allowing you to make decisions that will help cater to your main goal. Moreover, if you have a hard time dealing with such issues it's time you shift your narrative. Rather than complaining about issues - you should focus on finding the silver lining.

5 Steps to Defining Your Core Values

  1. Prepare yourself for work - defining your core values is not easy and it may take time to get in touch with them. Allowing yourself the space and time you need to search your core values helps you identify the right core values.
  2. Brainstorm to explore booming options - We suggest you start by exploring options for your values. Allowing you the opportunity to explore a range of options that help build the final decision.
  3. Select 4-5 most important values - Once you have noted down every single core value that comes to mind, it's time to cut them down and select only 4 to 5 core values that are important to you. A crucial step that allows you the opportunity to find out what matters most in life and where your priorities lie.
  4. Prioritize your values in order of importance - Now that you have your top core values in mind, it's time you prioritize them by importance. Prioritizing the values in order of importance helps you determine what's most important in life. So you can make final decisions with a clear mind.
  5. Document your values - Documenting your values in a list helps you keep track of your values. However, that is not what it helps you with. Documenting can help you keep a track of what's most important in life, so even if your core values come against each other - you can pick the one that ranks better.

Anxiety and Mindfulness

Anxiety is a huge part of our life, one that must be dealt with properly to ensure a mindful state. Once you have your core values set in place we suggest you take a minute and deal with anxiety. To help you out we have listed down five quick ways to cope with anxiety.

Thought Pattern - Negative thoughts are a way of life, they can seep into your mind and destroy the progress you have made in life. One way to deal with the process is by questioning your thought pattern, and have a factual argument with yourself.

Practice Focus - Anxiety can only be controlled when you learn to hold your focus. For which you must get a grip on your breathing. With a healthy deep breathing exercise, you can get your body and mind in check, regaining focus in the process. There is no set rule here, you can take on any breathing exercise that works for you.

Aromatherapy - A blessing in disguise aromatherapy can train your mind to heal. So each time you smell a familiar scent you are automatically transported to a comfortable setting. We suggest you start with sandalwood as it brings you a sense of relief by connecting you to mother nature. This can be in the form of oil, candle, or incense.

Walking or Yoga - When you feel anxious it's best to give yourself a few minutes. You can go on a walk or practice yoga for 15 minutes. It doesn't matter where you are or what you are doing, taking a break to get yourself on track is essential.

Difference Between Values & Goals

Your inner values work as a guiding compass, pushing you in the right direction as you go ahead in life. On the other hand, your goals are ways you wish to execute your values. Something you aim for and accomplish. While your core values are something you possess from the very beginning.

Getting your life on track is not an easy task, but that does not mean you should shy away from who you are. Holding your core values at heart you can easily lead a mindful life - one that offers you a feeling of content.

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