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Mindful Practices for Living - Kala Mindfulness

Do you start your day off without even thinking about how you would like the day to go? You just go rushing in the day, and before you know it, someone or something puts you off the track by rubbing you the wrong way. And, just like that, you react automatically with impatience and act in an unintended way.  However, what if we told you that you don’t have to be stuck in this pattern. All you have to do is pause for a second and practice mindfulness during the day at different points to be more productive and turn your day around just the way you like it to be. Here are a few mindful practices for living to help you become more productive and focused in your life:

Live your core values.

Identifying your core values, what matters the most to you, is a significant ingredient for leading a mindful life. Our core values are what keep us connected to things that matter to us as they guide us. Identify and list your core values and live them. Living your core values means that whenever you have to decide or choose something, you stick to your values and decide whatever is in line with your values. When you live a life lined up with your core values mindfully, you will feel accomplished and purposeful.

Turn your Chores into Mindful Memories.

Try to turn your daily basic chores into mindful memories. Mindfulness is not just about practicing your meditation in the morning. You can incorporate it into your life throughout the day by paying heed to your chores while performing them. By practicing mindfulness for living, you be present in the moment, and hence you make the most out of it.

Be Creative.

Creativity and mindfulness go side-by-side. When you are mindful, your creativity gets a serious boost. Writers, artists, and thinkers have always stated that meditation and mindfulness help them to be more creative as it heightens the consciousness. You can also be creative in being mindfulness. If you can’t focus on the silent meditation, try doing something that you love, like doodling or baking, and see how your mind feels relaxed.

Practice Gratitude.

Always try to be grateful for what you are blessed with. Practicing gratitude mindfully will make you feel happy, and you will start projecting the happy feelings onto your life. Keep track of your blessings in a journal, and be grateful for each of them. Show gratitude for the basic senses and always remember that bad things could happen to you but didn’t. Be mindful in thanking others around you for their services and always use words like thank you, sorry, etc., and smile often. These little gestures and practicing gratitude will make your life happier!


Multitasking kills focus, and mindfulness is all about focus. So don't divide your attention by multi-tasking, as it will prevent you from truly living in the moment. Studies suggest that when you multitask with divided attention, it takes you 50% longer to accomplish the tasks, and the chances of errors increase. Therefore, the mindful way is to focus on a single task at the moment and then take a break before moving on to the next one.

Limit Screen time.

Limiting your screen time is another mindful practice for living. You must set parameters for using your screens. Make it a point to never start or end your day by checking your email or social media. Try to switch your phone off on the weekend or whenever you go on a vacation.  Make sure to spend quality time with your loved ones by stowing the phone away every day.  Connect and interact with your family mindfully, which you can only do by putting your phone away.

Experiment with what makes you feel better.

Seek new experiences that make you feel better. When you live mindfully, you become more open to experiments as the presence of the mind makes you savor moments of surprise and joy. These new experiences will awaken your senses and make you embrace both your difficult and pleasant feelings. You will find a balance between when to let go and when to hold on by indulging in these experiments.

Go Out.

Go out and spend time in nature. This is the most potent way of rebooting your mind and re-establishing your sense of wonder. This will not only help you in relieving stress but also boost your energy levels and attention. While you explore the unseen lands, the tonic of nature will refresh your mind and enhance your focus so that you can be more mindful in life.

Be true to your Feelings.

Being true to your feelings is another mindful practice for living. You don't have to be happy all the time; just accept the emotions you feel without denying or controlling them. Being happy all the time can actually be counterproductive as it can lead to an unhealthy attitude towards the negative experiences and feelings in life. You don’t have to resist the negative feelings and feel happy and bright all the time, rather be mindful of both positive and negative emotions and acknowledge them while facing life’s challenges mindfully.


Although you can practice mindfulness without meditating, but it surely is among the sure-shot ways of becoming more mindful. When you meditate regularly, you will experience improved cognitive functioning and reduced stress, as well as boosted wellness. Studies have even shown that meditation can lower the inflammatory response of the body. So, make sure to indulge in meditation every day, even if it is for 15 minutes, and you will see how positively it influences
your life and boost your mindfulness.

Think Positive.

Another important mindful practice for a living is having a positive approach towards life.  Be mindful that happiness is a choice as it does not depend on only anyone or anything but you.  Relieve yourself from negative thoughts and negative people. Stop doing anything that makes you feel bad. Focus on good things in life, look on the bright side of things, and appreciate good things in life to maintain positive thinking. Share your positivity to make the
whole environment positive.

Manage your anxiety.

Anxiety has a very negative impact on life. Here are a few tips for managing your anxiety mindfully:

  • Take brief breaks throughout the day and go out to breathe in the fresh air. Take deep breaths, and you will feel relieved and light.
  • Use music therapy to relieve your stress and anxiety. Listen to some soothing tunes that you love to keep the stressful thoughts at bay.
  • Sleep well and smile more mindfully.
  • Treat yourself to a spa day to relieve the stress and relax.

Bottom Line

So go ahead and work on your mindfulness to bring peace and purpose to your life. Meditation and yoga can help put your mind in balance with your body to focus on the bigger things in life.  Living your core values, being creative, practicing gratitude, and experimenting are some of the practices that can help you in the mental growth.

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